Gmail connector availability in Integration Service


Is there a specific reason why Gmail is not available in the Integration Service?

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If you want you can add them externally

Here’s the link to the package → UiPath.GSuite.Activities

Or you can directly install them through your package manager in Uipath by searching for → UiPath.GSuite.Activities

I know about the GSuite package, but that is not integrated with the Integration Service.


Integration of Gmail with UiPath can be achieved through IMAP or SMTP protocols. But to retrieve email messages, you will have to use the Get IMAP Mail Messages activity of IMAP. Use the following values to configure its properties.


Port: 993


Using this activity, you will be able to retrieve the email messages in the Output > Messages property which can store a list of messages. Then use this output variable for further processing. In your case, you can use a For Each activity to store every individual message as required.


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The Gmail connector is present now in the UiPath Integration Service.


Let us know if you can see it now.