Custom activities for Gmail via Gmail API

Package: UiPathTeam.Gmail.Activities
Author: @Magali_Philippe




Hi, do you have any tutorial cause the Get mails doesnot work for me. Thanks


There is a new GSuite package that can be found here:


Hey @DeanMauro,
I’ve one query,

How to move message in Inbox folder to Other folder using this latest GSuite package.

Thanks in advance.


In this current version it can’t be done (but for setting up rules in Gmail itself), but we’ll be adding a Move Messages activity in the future.


What variable type should we use for Gmail Messages? I keep trying to pass a variable in the Output MailMessages but am getting error messages about Type


Hi @brooni01

It is easiest if you simply create your variable directly in the output property box, like so:

(either right click in the box or use the shortcut)

This will create a variable of the correct type for you:


Thank you @loginerror. I will use this cool trick going forward.
Was able to get everything to work :slight_smile: