Gmail Automation(SMTP)

Haii All… I’m consecutively getting the error in the activity Send SMTP mail message, I have enter my mail I’d in " ", use get password activity and pass the variable in it which is passed in password text box . Is there any other needs in prop panel?

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@Nandhuba You are missing mandatory properties, you need to provide port and server details in the property panel…

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Hi @Nandhuba,

For SMTP activity no need to mention username and password,just mention port and server details.
These details you have to get it from IT(Infra/HelpDesk) team if using Outlook,
If you want to test with Gmaila:
Server: smtp . gmail .com.
SMTP Email_Sent Email Validation.xaml (4.8 KB)

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@Benone.Samuel.India Haii … Of course I give the details properly thanks fr ur reply… Errors got corrected

@RajeshT Tq so much

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