I am getting this error while sening a message in SMTP

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can you make sure the server details used are correct?

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Hi @Swagasmini_Jena
Could you please share us the property panel here to check what all details have been filled.
Also, Please make sure to enable security - less secure apps enabled in your gmail account.

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can you tell me the steps

Please share your workflow where you are having this send smtp mail activity

HI @Swagasmini_Jena,

If you are facing the issue with Send SMTP Mail Message activity,try with Send Exchange Mail Message activy.

Send SMTP Mail Message,if you are using in company laptop there will be firewall blocks.

Please share us the workflow or snippets of the property panel of your workflow to troubleshoot an issue.

Give the port number as 465 and Also give the server plase as SMTP. gmail. com
Thank you :grinning: