Edit UiPath defalut dlls

So whenever i create new variable,
it’s scope is by defalut assigned to the scope
where i’m currently in.

Is it possible, to edit some dll,
to enforce every new created variable scope,
to be parent of whole project?

I thinks that’s the best part of it. :wink:
It depends on the workflow design. We need to keep some variable to be local.
However user do have a option to change scope in ease.
Anyways here is a way.

sorry, i shouldn’t write “parent of whole project”. i mean just “whole workflow”.

Lets say that i’asking from development time perspective,
not from code quality perspective.

For my projects it will be very handy, if i can just
“ctrl + k” and create evrey variable for the biggest scope possibble.

well to edit the core dlls is not a very good idea to maintain the integrity of a tool.

If you wants such then you can use directly use the variable pane and just you have to click on the top scope.

and even if you want biggest scope then make all your activities under one sequence :slight_smile: then ctrl+k will allow you to use your defined variable within that scope :slight_smile: and if you are invoking workflows then make use of arguments :slight_smile:.

Adding global variables is a VERY BAD IDEA from this standpoint(Considering Memory leaks problems), IMO.Maintainability is also an important factor when you are dealing with all variables having a global scope.