Project Level Variable

Currently, the highest level of variable scope is Sequence within a given Xaml. However, an implementation solution consists of multiple xamls, which constitute a project and then a project forms a package which gets deployed to a robot for execution. So, there should be option to define variables at a Project level, which should be available across all xamls which are part of the project. In the absence of this features, implementation teams are required to resort to a lot of workarounds, which not only make the solution complex but also, less reliable.



I did go through this topic and even though it looks same, but it’s not. I am saying that we need this functionality and we cannot directly circumnavigate this feature otherwise. This is required product feature, as depending upon the kind of data I am working with, passing values via arguments or via assets might not answer all scenarios or even most of the required scenarios where I am working with high volume data.

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We use a config file, in txt or excel sheet to store all global variables across xaml

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We agree with the need, but how is it different?

There are two set of features concerning

  1. Global Variables


  1. Complex Data Types

I tend to believe that solving 2. will reduce the need for 1. as you’ll be able to pass multiple values using only one argument.

Though useful in some cases I won’t go for Global Variables. I think that they will encourage wrong workflow design patterns where unexperienced users will prefer to use global variables instead of passing input arguments, which, in the long run will end up in spaghetti workflows, which are difficult to maintain.


are all same, guys please vote one another (to bump this) as its a good feature

@badita this is different from the “using argument passing for a global variable” because that is just passing around the variable copy which is exactly what this idea wants to avoid

Hi All,
Can some one help me on creating a global variable where I can use then across my sequence
For Eg: In my FlowChart I have two Sequence, I am storing a value in a variable in Seq 1 and want to pass the variable in seq2 how i can achieve this.

In the RE_Framework, today, the information from Config has to be passed to the “Process.xaml” through arguments. It would be great if some component was built, in the framework to make Config directly accessible throughout the projects in the form of a ‘singleton’ like object that J2EE frameworks use very often.
You could also use it to store things like UiBrowser objects, so in cases where the Attach Browser is not working, and the UiBrowser has to be passed on to it, we can directly use the project level object from anywhere in the project, as against passing the UiBrowser.

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Possible duplicate of topic below (and related):

Seems to be planned for 2017.2… which probably should now be changed to 2018.1 as there will be no 2017.2 AFAIK.

To me it sounds similar to the Entity feature which is planned for 18.2

Please read all below with “as far as I understand” prefixing :slight_smile:

I’d disagree.

To me Entity is about creating custom objects (basically DTO’s) inside UiStudio. These are not global in scope (as they’re still normal objects that need to be passed as arguments), nor are they Singleton in nature (as that would prohibit using any type of collection of them, greatly limiting use).

This however serves a different need of having a centralized storage for configuration, acting more as the classic app.config (but filled on runtime).

I wouldn’t completely agree with proposed use case for UiBrowser object (singletons always are debatable I guess), hence the “possible” in the “possible duplicate” link in my previous post, albeit that one would fill both this one and the global config needs.

Feel free to disagree of course (especially OP - let’s not hijack completely :wink: ).

So if we had two different things

  1. An application correct holding bean like objects
  2. app config or app properties location/object/dictionary/map

That would do.

There was a typo. I meant “application context” not ‘application correct’

I see. I’m not very familiar with javabeans but if my understanding is correct, Upen you’d want a combination of Entity and Global vars.

If so, when both of these are implemented you could use them for configuration purposes: store all the config settings in an entity and make that entity global.

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Yes. thats correct.

Indeed seems to be related with Global/Project Variable.

For now we’ll go after Entity: Project Level Variable - #6 by badita

I’ll close it as duplicate.

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you can use this component to set your variables globally. it follows the pattern declare once and use anywhere in the project. This component supports all data types.

Manoj Batra


Thank you so much.
This is the best workaround to handle global variables across the same project activities.

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For global variables you can use the Velocistar Global Variables Activities now!