Project Level Variable



Currently, the highest level of variable scope is Sequence within a given Xaml. However, an implementation solution consists of multiple xamls, which constitute a project and then a project forms a package which gets deployed to a robot for execution. So, there should be option to define variables at a Project level, which should be available across all xamls which are part of the project. In the absence of this features, implementation teams are required to resort to a lot of workarounds, which not only make the solution complex but also, less reliable.




I did go through this topic and even though it looks same, but it’s not. I am saying that we need this functionality and we cannot directly circumnavigate this feature otherwise. This is required product feature, as depending upon the kind of data I am working with, passing values via arguments or via assets might not answer all scenarios or even most of the required scenarios where I am working with high volume data.


We use a config file, in txt or excel sheet to store all global variables across xaml


We agree with the need, but how is it different?


There are two set of features concerning

  1. Global Variables


  1. Complex Data Types

I tend to believe that solving 2. will reduce the need for 1. as you’ll be able to pass multiple values using only one argument.

Though useful in some cases I won’t go for Global Variables. I think that they will encourage wrong workflow design patterns where unexperienced users will prefer to use global variables instead of passing input arguments, which, in the long run will end up in spaghetti workflows, which are difficult to maintain.

Loading 'singleton' like project level objects from Config