Global Exception Handler

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Is there a possibility to have Global Exception Handler for particular XAML?

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Ranjith Udayakumar

@ranjith_udayakumar, Any XAML File (that is NOT the entry workflow) can be set as an Exception Handler from the contextual menu in Project panel. However there can be only one handler per process.

Please find the below link for a bigger picture,:

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Hey, I am not one to do something like this but I am desperate and can not find anything on my issue. I have literally downloaded an example from UIpath that used the global handler and the global handler does not get called no matter what I do. Is there something on my end that I need to fix?

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Global Handler will triggered based on the condition you have provided, If matched under following circumstances it will act. I Request you to verify your conditions given in global handler. Kindly make use of above mentioned link to have a clarification. Hope you figure it out.