Global Find And Replace Studio Wizard!

Hey Peeps!

I just finished up the global FindAndReplace functionality; its published to the official NuGet feed so should be available to use in all projects where the client has internet. It is currently compatible with only Windows and Windows-Legacy project types.

Package: NuGet Gallery | Lazy.DX 2023.9.10.1

  • It should be the only one, but you can verify using the Author field of ‘Yash Brahmbhatt’

When installing, you might see a warning for a dependency mismatch, you should be fine clicking ‘Yes’ here.

Once installed, you should see a new Wizard in UiPath Studio’s ‘Design’ ribbon on the top called ‘Replace’. Clicking it will open up a new window.

Simply start typing into the ‘Search’ field and you will see things start populating. Note that performance is still not optimized for very large projects with thousands of expressions, but works decently well on my machine (max 3-4 seconds on the first couple of letters of the search).

It just stays open so you can continue using Studio while its open, just make sure to hit the ‘Refresh’ button to update the FindAndReplace window with your updated code. You also have to either click ‘Select All’ or check off the individual rows that you would like to be replaced before clicking the ‘Replace’ button.

Works for the few tests I’ve done with it (on Studio 23.4), but by no means was it comprehensive; my advice would be to make sure you have a backup copy of your project before doing large scale changes. If you find bugs let me know!

If there’s any other features or plugins you think would be helpful/cool to have

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