Global Exception Handler vs Try, Catch - When to use which?

Hi all,

I have been exploring TryCatch and Global Exception Handler on a project with multiple sequences. I am confused as to when to use GE Handler or TryCatch activity?
For GE, it seems too general to be used across multiple sequences. I am also thinking how robust is it, if it retries an activity that is already failing, unless we know the cause of the error and resolve it before retrying.

For Try,Catch, it can be tailored towards each sequence but can be tedious to do.

Just wondering if there is a common consensus on the best practices for error handling. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi @JunZhi

I don’t think there is common consensus, GE handler was newly added on version 2018.4 to handle exception more easily than try-catch. So user before that are often use try-catch even if it is not best practice.

And in my opinion, using GE handler to catch basic exceptions like system exceptions and common business exceptions in a process global level, then if need tailor made exception handling, use try-catch.



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