Global Exception Handler -Explanation

When using the Global Exception Handler with a project that includes a Try Catch , make sure to group activities into a Sequence inside the Try container. Otherwise, the Global Exception Handler does not execute.

In the case of nested activities, the Global Exception Handler executes for each activity in the call stack. However, it does not execute for activities directly encapsulated in a Try Catch , unless they’re contained in an activity.

Can someone explain this with example

Global Exception Handler run when activity outside try-catch activity

If the activity inside try-catch activity the Global Exception Handler Is ignored

Sry. Could not get your point. Do u mean if I want the global handler to take care of exceptions, I should not use a try catch in my project??

I apologize for the delay
If the ِactivity is inside my try-catch, the priority here is to try-catch
Otherwise, the priority will be to global Handler
got my point??

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Hmm. Got it…Thanks

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