Give us Your Thoughts - India Developers Conference 18 Jan 2019



At the beginning of next year we will have the 2nd UiPath Developers Conference in India. For me personally it was amazing to meet some of you in person in January this year, so hope to see more of you there.

We have a tiny form for you to choose the topics you’d like to be addressed. And by tiny i mean it’s just one question. Take a look here:

Thankies :wink:

Developers go here

Seems like both the URLs you shared needs access permission to be set-


@TejusVenkatesh will help us here, thanks for this


Hello @Madhavi @ovi :slight_smile:
I have modified the setting now and we should all be able to access it.
Please try and confirm :slight_smile:



Looking forward to it !


I am in!


Im curious about the dates :smirk:


Exciting…waiting about the dates :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




I am In…!


Eagerly waiting for the date and invitation @ovi :slight_smile:.


Hey folks,

The dates are not decided yet, we’ll let you know as soon as we are sure. It will be early next year (maybe February) but currently we are setting up the agenda and availability.

It’s super exciting that you are interested. Definitely see you there :tada:


Wow… That’s wonderful.


Amazing :slight_smile: wonderful . It is time to meet our community new veterans @ovi. Advance congratulation to the community achievers of 2018. Best wishes :sunflower:



Thank you, Team. Looking forward the conference details and further updates.


Where it would be held ?


It will be held in Bangalore. More details to come regarding the exact location and dates. :slight_smile:


Hey @ovi

Second Time in a Row -Again Bangalore - :slight_smile:

See Ya All Forum People and See Ya again @ovi If will be able to make out. :slight_smile:



Some love to the capital New Delhi please too </3 :frowning:


I think you missed this reply from Ovi :slight_smile:

It will be held in Bangalore. More details to come regarding the exact location and dates