Give us Your Thoughts - India Developers Conference 18 Jan 2019



That’s good to hear that meetup is going to conduct in Bangalore, As all you know Bangalore is not only the first vibrant city in the world but also hundreds of thousands of IT companies are there…



Thank you prankurjoshi for the update.


Looking forward to it…!


Thanks in advance . Looking forward to it.:smile:
Please let us know the exact date and venue in advance.:grinning::grinning:

Thanks and Regards,
Suruchi Kangutkar.


Hey Guys

So Conference Date has be finalized

UiPath Developer Conference 2019

Bengaluru, India, January 18, 2019

Hotel Shangri-La, Bengaluru

Same Date like of Last Year ,!! Same Venue Same Place :slight_smile:

See Ya…!!



Please try to arrange conference in DELHI-NCR Location also in Future.


Would Love a conference in Delhi-NCR as well !


Hello all,

You can start to register your names.



Thanks BalaReva! :heart:

Just to be written here also, 18 January is the date for the conference in Bengaluru at Shangri-La hotel. See you there! :blue_heart:


working day :sob::sob:


Hello Team,

Good day to you all,

18th jan 2019 is friday…i guess most of working professionals its working day… we would be busy in office. Most of them will come for conference if it is on may take majority voting.
we have registered but our attendance is tentative.

we appreciate your understanding.

SunilSonta & Co

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Hey @SunilSonta and @nadim.warsi

I guess you can ask your company about it. From My Personal Experience Most of the companies will allow to participate in such Events happily :slight_smile:



I am in Waiting List!! ? :thinking:



Yeah… Same here…!!!:slightly_smiling_face:


a long Back, I have submitted))


Hi All,

How can we withdraw the registration for conference?


You can go to Registration Page there you can find Already Registered? option, login and click on Cancel registration



Happy Live Stream ! Click here to watch it Live: RPA Developer Conference


Is this live stream for the whole day?


Is laptop mandatory in conference ?