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One year is next month. Any chances for git integration? We are publishing projects with git repository but on some projects publishing crashes and we have to manually remove .git folder just to publish project . Svn was abandoned long time ago, as I see not only by my company but by the world :).


I agree, I think having Git integration should be first on the bucket list for improvements, it has become so important :slight_smile:


This is an interesting approach to include shared code.
I have been testing using a Windows symbolic link that seems simpler:
Code downloaded from Version Control has Shared code outside of projects:
Using a symbolic link for each project makes the /Shared directory look like a subdirectory of each project
(execute from each /App directory): mklink /D Shared …\Shared
Then Invoke Workflow needs to reference the share link instead of the physical directory so that the Shared .XAML gets included in the package publish.


Nice topic. We are using github with sourcetree too.

But yes, it’s hard not being able to work at the same time on a .xaml file. Even if we know that we are working in our own inside “Sequence” activities. Maybe to try that level of “lockable” and the being able to merge it on git.

About the general project architecture. We have the “Framework” project (based on UiPath, adaptad to our company) versioned and shared. It has an inside folder “Projects” ignored. The main lives here, but just invokes the correct processes.

Then inside of that, we have our different processe that reuse the shared one, overriding env variables and xaml invocations if particulars definitions.

It’s our great asset this framework and this architecture :wink:

Maybe helps you guys. But about working on a same Xaml file; haven’t a way yet. Maybe UiPath guys could work on this!


I have detected that this “Sequence” aproach could work, in the way that you can see on source tree where the changes are made isolated. But the problem is in common parts of the xaml like in this pic. Looks like a “Checksum” mark; maybe on the conflicted merge just use anyone, and then make a way that uipath just re calculate and correct this one if the user accepts with a warning when opening this “corrupted checksum”.

Just brainstorming, it’s a thing!

How to connect with Git Hub
  • 1 for GIT - we use it most of our development projects


git for the people!!! @MirceaGrigore


Annother support on Git from me. I vouch for it as my organization too demands for it.


+1 for GIT


+1 for GIT


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+1 for git
Now i am using SVN, but wanted git


+1 for GIT and some tool for comparing 2 version of workflow - visual builded(not .xaml code)


Anybody tried this SVN GIT bridge?


+1 for GIT


+1 for GIT, mainly for version control and backups


Anyone good experience with natively integrating TFS or SVN with UiPath?


+1 GIT - organization using GIT for development.


UiPath lacks VC. Go for GIT


+1 Git


+1 for GIT