GetTransactionData - Advanced Training

Hi There,

I am relatively new to RPA and have a question about assignment 1 from the advanced training. When they start to discuss the GetTransactionData workflow my mind just blows off. I have no clue what they mean by “adding an input argument for the array of work items”. Does this mean that I have to convert the extracted filtered Datatable from the ACME website into an array. If so, when and how should I do this? And if this is not the case, what else do I have to do to make this process work. Your input will be highly appreciated…

Cheers, Kimo

Hi @Kimo,

Not too sure either. Seems confusing because prior to assignment 1, we are asked to register to ACME system. I just thought that assignment 1 has nothing to do with it and proceeded to do the walkthrough. Still unsure how to do it after 2 days of figuring out how it works. I know you have to do it using the REFramework.

So it looks like assignment 1, you have to refer to 1. UiDemo Outline Lesson, and has nothing to do at all with ACME system.

Please let me know if that helps.

Thanks jffuedo for you reply… I managed to figure it out today. it was related to passing arguments in and out…