Getting value of a disabled checkbox from data scrapping

Hello everyone,

I am using Data Scrapping to get the values from a table where one of the columns is checkbox which is disabled.

How do I check the value of that checkbox (checked or unchecked)?

Any help would be appreciated!!


Hi, You can refer to this link:

You can also try to get the selectors for the checkbox when it is checked and unchecked, and compare the selectors. If they are different, you can use “Element Exists” activity to ascertain whether the box is checked.

in case of an html element checkbox the information if checked or not can be retrieved by reading the corresponding UiElement’s checked Attribute. Kindly note this attribute cannot be incorporated within a selector. It can be retrieved with the get Attribute activity

Let us know if the checkbox is different, e.g an image


I made the selectors dynamic with the “checked” property and it worked.


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