Getting statistical data of completed tasks?

Is there a way to read statistical data of a task just completed on action center?

For example,

  1. how long did it take for an user to complete a specific task on action center after they assign the task to themselves ?
  2. how long a particular task was in the queue (getting total time as milliseconds or something) ?

Hi cc077,

Came across the same problem (sort of) a while ago but couldn’t find a solution with the tools provided by the platform. However you could come up with some workarounds but they might not reliable solutions.

Hi @cc077,
We have recently added an Action Summary feature, which shows an Action Timeline. This could show when a Task was assigned and completed.

To access this feature, open any task, and click on the 3dots menu in the top-right of the page and then click on Action Summary.

I am attaching some screenshots for your reference.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Ayushya_Jaiswal,
Thank you for the great reply, this helps a lot.

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