Action Center - Assigned task Date/Time

Hello dear friends, 1st time here,

is there a way to know when a task is assigned? the APi don’t have this info. If there isn’t, how can we have an hidden field on the form where the “now” is marked when the task is assigned? like in javascript or something

Thanks in advance

This can show you task summary. You can use Orchestrator’s odata/TaskActivities/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetByTaskId(taskId=<taskId>) Api to get the task summary in workflow

Hello, thank you for your answer but the assign date time isn’t show anywhere, isn’t a property of the task…i would like to know the date time a user assigns a task to itself not de task creation time…can i achieve this with a field in the form with javascript?

You can see the assignment time stamp as well in task summary with TaskActivities api

Thank you very much for your answers. Is this information present in orchestrator database? g it

Hi @Jorgarrano,

I believe yes it would be present there for sure. Afterall, thats where it must be picking it from :slight_smile: