Action Summary feature availability in Action Center(on-prem)

Hi @Ayushya_Jaiswal,

Per below post, I see below feature ‘Action Summary’ has been enabled already for action Center.

Hence, wanted to ask which version this is available on?
And by when/which version this will be available for on-prem users?

We are currently on on-prem versions as below:
Studio - 2020.10.9
Orchestrator - 2020.10.7

And we don’t see this feature availability for us as of now.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

Action Summary was first introduced in Action Center with on-prem v21.4.

Release Notes for AC 21.4

Hope this helps.
Ayushya Jaiswal

Hi @Ayushya_Jaiswal ,

That means it will be available to us in next LTS version(on-prem) this year end 21.10.
Thank you for your inputs.


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