Getting star ratings from a website

Hi i am trying to get the star rating out of a website but havent been successful, is there a way to do it or do i just take a screenshot and save it as an image.

hope you can understand the issue.


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As the selector of stars contains the aaname which indicates the rating of the star . so you can get it by using Get attribute activity.



Thanks Uthraa,

I cant seem to get those values from the stars, it is however pulling up a word from the same line.

i will try again and see if i can get it right.

is that a public website?

No, private, have to login with username and password

Can you share the selectors ? . Try to get the selectors of the stars in Ui Explorer.


this is what i get, how do i copy the selectors?

if i can get this value circled. then i can use it as the stars value like good bad or Neutral, but i cant seem to get this value out.

Hi @zahpat

As mentioned by @Uthraa previously, you can use Get Attribute activity with this particular selector and


as the name of the attribute you want to get. The activity should return light-green as output :slight_smile:

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Thanks @loginerror, i tried exactly that but the output returned is blank.

You could still try different combination of properties. For example, try to use only these for your selector:

and remove the css-selector

Please also try the Scraping Wizard, it might be able to find some relevant text with the Full Text option.

i select those tags mentioned and i still get a blank response.

i also tried screen scraping full text and it doesnt pick up anything from where the stars are.

anything else that i could possibly try?



i tried data scraping, it brings back a blank value, when i click on edit data definition i get this


is there another way to pull out the underlined value on the screenshot

Try removing the class=“green” from the last line and set attr=“class” in the first line.

Thank you :slight_smile: i managed to get the values out. :smiley:

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