Getting specific Month Records from Date Column in Excel


There is a column called Due_Date From this column i need to get the previous two month data.

Date Format:01-10-2019

using select query trying to get data But here the problem is if I am selecting Due_Date Greater than Previous two months,Getting all Months Data After August.

Please specify to get only August Month Data.


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Yah it would actually
So in that case do we know until which date we need to records
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The last date of the month,If the previous Two month is August we need to get the Data for last date(31-08-2019) of august.

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Awesome if possible can I see the select method expression you have used so far
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FilterDt =duebookHeaderDT.Select("[Channel]=β€˜CAN’ AND [Actual Due Date] >’"+previousMonth+"’").CopyToDataTable()

Include one more condition like this
duebookHeaderDT.Select("[Channel]=β€˜CAN’ AND [Actual Due Date] >’"+previousMonth+"’" AND [Actual Due Date] <’"+Now.AddDays(-(Convert.ToInt32(Datetime.Now.ToString(β€œdd”)))).ToString(β€œdd/MM/yyyy)+”’").CopyToDataTable()

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@Palaniyappan getting these error

Put a " Behind yyyy. That should make it work