Which expression can be used to get month data stored in variable & previous month data?

suppose in month variable we have 01 month.We want data of that month & previous month also. we want to get data of 01 month & 12th month as of now.Which expressions can we use here in assign activity?

Please guide if anyone knows


Can you please explain from where do you want to get month data?
From a website or from somewhere else?

from excel data

can you please share that excel here?

test excel.xlsx (20.2 KB)

use the above function.

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this expression we should use in filter datatable wizard.we have taken months(1) is string array variable.So add months is not member of string error is showing in filter datatable activity.

use Cdate(row(β€œDate”).tostring).AddMonths(-1)

not working row is not declared error is throwing at filter datatable activity

Check this XAML to get previous month-> DatePrevious.xaml (7.3 KB)

can u show me the xmal

In this month(1)=01 so we want previous month data from excel i.e december.we need to pass expression in this activity.


Make sure Month(1) is of type DataTime variable.

how to convert string array variable to date time variable.because if we take datetime variable,filter condition is not working in filter datatable activity wizard.


ok.i have tried with this expression.Error is like below.


where is your full date???

we have full date in another variable.i.e like 01-31-2019.we split this date & fetched month value 01.this month we are using in filter condition.because full date format is not supporting in filter data table activity.


this date variable type is generic value