Getting Problem in CalculateClientSecurityHash assignment

Hello Everyone
As I have started to complete this CalculateClientSecurityHash assignment.
I am using uipath studio 2020.4 version and in Framework folder there is no GetAppCredentials.xaml workflow.
What to do?
Will I have to create it newly?
Or are there any other ways?
Please help

Download the one here and put it in your Framework folder. The latest version of the REFramework does not include this file, but you will need it for the assignment.

Also, make sure you install the Uipath.Credentials activity package for this to run properly.

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Hello Sir
Thanks for the help
I am not able to download it.
How can I put?

In the worst-case scenario, you can copy that text and save it to a text file named exactly as above (GetAppCredentials.xaml). Make sure that .xaml is the extension and not .txt.

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Thank You Very Much
I will try this.
if come across then will post here.

Hello Everyone,
As I have been completing this assignment and It needs work items to be added in order to work further.
Please help, How to add Work Items on ACME System1 website?
As I have logged in, It is showing blank in work items.

Above problem solved.