Newbie here, need help with Client Security Hash assignment

I am a total newbie to UiPath and I am learning new things every day. And before anyone objects to this question, I did search the forum first but couldn’t find the answer to my question hence I am posting here. I am trying to complete the Client Security Hash assignment.

I am following the Walkthrough PDD for Client Security Hash. I was able to follow till page 2 i.e.

  • Editing the Config.xlsx, adding the settings for System1 URL and SHA1 Online URL, also on Constants sheet setting the value of MaxRetryNumber to 2
  • Then modified the type for TransactionItem variable in Main and GetTransactionData, Process and SetTransactionStatus workflows
  • Create two folders, “System1” and “SHA1Online”, in the solution root directory

Now after this on Page 3 the Walkthrough says, Create a blank sequence in the System1 folder, for the System1 login process. Add Annotations. Create two In Arguments - one for System1 URL, and the other for System1 Credential. Done !

Here is the part where I am completely lost, Invoke the Framework\GetAppCredential workflow file !!!
I am not sure, where this workflow file is and how I am to create it. I am sure I have missed some step somewhere and therefore I don’t have this Framework\GetAppCredential workflow file.

Can someone guide me please?


The Walkthrough for the Client Security Hash is the second part of the Level 3 Advanced Developer Training.

The first part of the Level 3 Advanced Developer Training explain the GetAppCredential workflow which is part of the Robotic Enterprise Framework.

You can find the GetAppCredential.xaml in the framework subfolder.

This workflow file is under Documents\UiPath\YourProjectFolderName\Framework\

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Thanks @hermawan @lakshman