Getting Problam In Some Topics of UiPath

I am doing UiPath Certification from igmGuru (Res. 1) and UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer from UiPath (Res. 2).

I’m facing problems in the both resources-
Resource 1-

(A) Workflow & Citrix manipulation- In what format can we manipulate data and process of it.
(B) How to Comprehend Data Scraping in Scalable Queue Management System.
(C) How to Integrate Sequence and Flow Chart in the working environment.

Resource 2-
(A) How to automatically create DataTables and Excel With Studio
(B) How to deal with Error and Exception Handling in Studio?
(C) What Is State Machines in Studio and how to use it?

Thanks in advance.

Lets go, can you share your doubts more expecifically?