Getting macro error in uipath?How to run excel macros in uipath?

Hi, I am trying to learn how to integrate excel macros in uipath. but i am getting this error , I tried updating excel packages, imported interop services.

Are you using more than one excel scope?

No only one excel application scope

Hello there,

Usually HRESULT is a message identifier , and happens with in excel . Did you try executing the macro in the excel itself without UiPath and check If there any errors in macro ?

yeah, able to run the macros in excel. even i tried just printing message box in macro itself not working in uipath

Can you send the package including the macro (13.2 KB)

Hi ,

No Error for me , i can see the message box and execution ended successfully



Please check if you have these setting in your excel options ,

hi, is this settings fine?

Yes , that should be fine

but now also not working …same exception only

whether i need to add any import statements?

Hi @lk_18

Can you do Read or Write operations using Excel Application Scope?

yeah, i am able to do operations using excel application scope