Is it possible to extract URLs using Table Extraction in StudioX? And if yes, how?

I’m trying to build a simple app that is extracting some data from a website. In the normal Studio is possible to extract the URLs, but in StudioX, I cannot find that option:

Is it possible, how do you do it?

I don’t have access to Studio for this project.

Our community MVP @Nidhi_Chaturvedi has made a great video on this topic. I’m sharing that here. I think 5:12-5:18 is where you might find your answer to capturing links behind the text.


The current version looks different and doesn’t behave the same.

It is possible, you must click first on the kind of refresh icon:

Later, you click on Add Datam and it’s going to create two columns one for the data and one for the URL.

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