Getting Instagram Followers Exact Value


I’m trying to get Instagram followers count. For example “FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona) • Instagram photos and videos

You can see 75M followers. But I need exact value of the followers. Here is a tooltip that shows us the exact value. And also when I have looked at the ui element in browser, title attribute has the exact value of followers.

How can I get this value ?

Thanks in advance.

do you need to extract the followers list ?

No, Only I need followers count.

you need to get the value 40m followers ?alone then go for the activity get text

so youcan scrape the particular value alone

As Im trying to explain before, I need exact value of the followers count. When you hover over 40M value. you can see exact value of the followers. for example 40.324.123

Is it clear ?


kindly check this post hope you will get the solution.

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