How to read hover text or tooltip text?

How to extract the hover text or tooltip text?

I tried using get attribute activity but no luck.

use case: if we hover on Twitter
user’s followers it shows the exact followers count that I want.

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Will check this and update you @Rahul_Dhumne


Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I tried right-clicking on hover text and then tried to spy it but no luck.
that hover text part did not highlight as a UI element so can’t use get attribute activity.

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Hey @Rahul_Dhumne

Please find the workaround. This may help you.


PFA - (113.5 KB)

Currently this is only designed to work for Narendra Modi’s profile. Please edit the selectors accordingly to make it work for any profile if this method suits you

Even if any help required on that part, please post here.


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Hey, Thanks for your quick solution.
I would like to know that the step you followed to get text activity.
when I tried to spy that hover text it is not taking as a selector.

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Yep, you are right.

I just manipulated it from chrome dev tools.

  • Go to sources tab under dev tools.

  • Hover it and press F8.

  • You can now check the html code in dev tools and frame the selector for ui-path.

  • Use find element and then get the selector of it.

  • Then remove the find element and directly pass the selector (got from find element) to get text activity.


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