Getting error while using Flow Chart

I’m getting an error while using Flowchart.Once the flowchart is placed and id open it again giving an error “An internal error has occured. It is recommend to restart Ui Path Studio”.I reopened UI Path Studio but issue is not resolved.I’m using 19.7.0 version for Uipath.UiAutomation.Activities.

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Kindly delete the Project.Json file in the project folder and try once again @ApurvaArya

Or update all the packages in the studio so that this could be resolved for that go to design tab ->manage packages and go to project dependencies and update all the packages @ApurvaArya
Or if the issue still persists Kindly uninstall and reinstall the studio and try once
Make sure we use stable version
For that go to start ->help and check for the version in the right side
Cheers @ApurvaArya

Try degrading the activities UiPath.Automation.Activities to the lower version and give a try @ApurvaArya

Problem is solved but the flowchart didn’t find previous activities on it even start node also.How to correct it.

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