Getting error while Publishing

Hi everyone,

i am getting this error while publishing the bot.


how can I overcome me Thanks in Advance


Are you using CE or on premises installation? Do you have any firewall issues maybe?

connectivity issues Like Network, Firewalls, uploading to Not intended target ( Host, tenant Missmatch) Could be the Case.

Another Check Could be done on following as well. In Case of temp Data is generated by the bot so after intensive Runs, Tests Data can much increase and result to Hugh packages. Some members did face this issue and were able to Upload packages again after cleaning up the Project.

In addition to what others have mentioned, to piggy back on @ppr, a lot of times this can be caused by files that are generated at runtime and are saved in the local root of the project.

So if you’re taking Error Screenshots and saving them within the root, they will also try to be uploaded when publishing. It would be best to move anything like that out of the root and to a Network Drive or local drive if they only save them when running in Local/Dev.

The default timeout if I’m not mistaken is also fairly short, so large file sizes tend to derail this.

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hi @bcorrea licenced one only.we should disable firewall?

yes, always something to make sure is not blocking… also try publishing the package locally and uploading it manually, see if is very big package and could take too long to upload…