Orchestrator upload package error


i use CE ,orchestrator url is https://platform.uipath.com
when i upload package always prompt error,so i never upload the package

the error message is could not connect to the server (#101)

Looking forward to your reply~


If your Robot machine is connected with Orchestrator then you can publish it from studio itself only. Then you can see published Process Package in Packages page. Once give it a try with this and check it.

my robot is unconnected when upload the package manual is error,but it can be uploaded before.Can’t upload from yesterday.
If my robot connected with Orchestrator and publish it from studio,it also prompt error.
The error screenshot is as follows:
Error: System.ApplicationException: Publish of workflow project to Orchestrator failed. PublishPackage timed out. —> System.TimeoutException: PublishPackage timed out. —> System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled.



Could you logout from cloud Orchestrator and also delete browser cache and then try once.

Hi @yeelcl

Were you able to fix it?

Try clearing the browser cache… and if that doesn’t work… disconnect the robot from the Orchestrator, and connect it again and see whether that helps to fix it

@lakshman @Lahiru.Fernando

Thanks for your reply.
I found out that the error was caused by the Internet.

I use the company’s network, and it does not have permission constraints, before can upload normally, but now can not upload. If i use mobile hotspot network or home network, i can upload it normally.
I don’t know why.


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