Getting error while publish library

Hello guys,

I’m creating a library in Studio 20.4 contains ‘Get OCR Text’ activity. When I tried publish it in local driver I got following error:

Uipath.Credentials.Activities: 1.1.6xx
Uipath.Excel.Activities: 2.8.5
Uipath.Mail.Activities: 1.8.5
Uipath.OCR.Contracts: 2.6.0
UiPath.System.Activitites: 20.4
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activitities: 20.4

Hi, did you try building this a a normal project first?

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I started Studio, new Library, added new sequence, coding, published and got that error

So you mean you did not try it as a normal project…

No I didn’t. But when I ran the code in Studio. It worked fine