Getting error while creating custom activity

hi @DeanMauro

i am getting three errors even after following the line by line steps under this article

i was trying to do simple addition

can anybody assist ?

these are the errros:-

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

Error CS0534 ‘Addition’ does not implement inherited abstract member ‘AsyncTaskCodeActivity.Execute(AsyncCodeActivityContext, CancellationToken)’ vik.MyfirstActivity.Activities C:\Users\vik\source\repos\MySolution\vik.MyfirstActivity\vik.MyfirstActivity.Activities\Activities\Addition.cs 13 Active

Error CS0115 ‘Addition.ExecuteAsync(AsyncCodeActivityContext, CancellationToken)’: no suitable method found to override vik.MyfirstActivity.Activities C:\Users\vik\source\repos\MySolution\vik.MyfirstActivity\vik.MyfirstActivity.Activities\Activities\Addition.cs 59 Active

Error CS0006 Metadata file ‘C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\source\repos\MySolution\Output\bin\Debug\vik.MyfirstActivity.Activities.dll’ could not be found vik.MyfirstActivity.Activities.Design C:\Users\source\repos\MySolution\vik.MyfirstActivity\vik.MyfirstActivity.Activities.Design\CSC 1 Active

Hi @Vikram212

Can you show a screenshot of the file you edited if you don’t mind… would like to see what is causing it

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Hello @Vikram212
As par my understanding you created addition method in code.
You should do addition functionality in method named Execute that abstract method of class that you inherit .


Please post your Addition.cs file. Either the ExecuteAsync method has been removed or your class no longer extends BaseAsyncCodeActivity. When using the Activity Creator, no modifications are needed to the generated files–just add your execution logic where it says to do so.



yes i just created once again and got the expected output


do you also have sample example for excel related activity (for example calculating sum from two column) that would be really awsumm

also i was not able to find any example for complex activity

also is there any example for coloring the activity i mean adding a logo,icon on top left corner of activity

Thanks i think i ask a lot