Creating Custom Activity using " Visual Studio 2019 UiPath Activity Creator Extension"

Hello everyone, i am trying to create custom activity packages using UiPath Activity Creator and following it’s official tutorial.

While adding a new project to the blank solution, below errors occurs



Do anyone has solution?

Hello all, doing same thing with different user(Admin) is working for me. Maybe there is some path or authorization issue

If this was solved by switching to an Admin account, there must be a permissions restriction in the path holding Solution2.

We may change the implementation of this piece in a future version, but for now try loosening the permissions or create the solution in a different location.

Hi @DeanMauro, thanks for replying.
Actually, sometimes it throws error and sometime not. I still don’t know why it happens.

We’ve fixed this issue and will release a new version of the extension at the end of this month.

What this means is a solution will no longer have to be created before adding a UiPath activity project. You will be able to use the wizard that creates both simultaneously.


Thanks @DeanMauro.

@AnkitRawat, we’ve released a new version of the extension that is entirely wizard-based and takes care of a lot of the issues seen previously. Would love to know what you think!