Getting error while Authentication of orchestrator api

Hi Everyone
I am trying to authenticate the orchestrator api through http request activity. I have given the
content as per the api guide
This is the body of the request. I gave my orchestrator credentials and email
“tenancyName” : “Documentation”,
“usernameOrEmailAddress” : “Documentation”,
“password” : “DocumentationAPItest”

but getting error message

“message”: “Result: {"message":"Invalid credentials, failed to login.","errorCode":1000,"resourceIds":null}”,
“level”: “Information”,
“logType”: “User”,

Please let me know if anyone is having any solution

are you using the orch - or production one ?

I am using not production one
Now I am getting the Response code as 200 but I am getting the response in HTML format
with message as “You need to enable JavaScript to run this app.”
I need the authentication response in JSON format
I even tried with postman but getting the response as HTML

Please Help me regarding this

instead of application/xml use application/json

I have used application/json in body format as well as Header


But still facing the same

This is the result I am getting

I have used application/json in body format as well as Header


But still facing the same

Hi @Manjit

Check with my Authenticate workflow this is working fine and Change the Url and Credentials according to yours Authentication.xaml (8.3 KB)



Hi @prakaz25

I have checked your workflow and changed the url and mentioned my credentials in body
but getting this error


This is may be because still I am getting the result in HTML format rather then JSON so its unable to deserialize

Please let me know how we can get JSON response instead of HTML

My workflow is fine i guess, Kindly check the your URL with POSTMAN

Hi @prakaz25

Could you please share the postman response as well as Uipath Output

Note: whether you are using Community edition or Enterprise version

Thanks and Regards

Hi @Manjit
Am using Enterprise edition
this is my postman output

Uipath result

Thanks for your response, now I got idea

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@Manjit happy to hellp :slight_smile:

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