Getting Error of IMAP


Please guide me properly how to resolve this problem i have been through all the other solutions which are guided to others and i tried them but i couldnt get the proper solution, still getting the error message and sometimes it shows different message in EXCEPTION TYPE.

Good morning Rahul, are you trying to get IMAP mail messages from Gmail or a different server?

Yes i did try using Gmail server and when I faced the issue on the first time I went to the forum and I searched for it, read all the possible solutions were available there then I did change settings into Gmail account as per you/others have guided to others but I couldn’t resolve it even after changing settings into Gmail account and then I posted on Forum to get more help.

i think thats not the issue cos i have entered it currectly.

sorry for the late reply due to lack of signal i rarely get online.
and yes i m using Gmail and also getting IMAP mail messages from Gmail. Please guide me to resolve it.

Hmmm, are all of your Gmail settings correct?

Please check the screenshot in this post (may need to swap IMAP for SMTP):

Check this page as well:

okay, I’ll try this now.

Do you make your account less secure?


Now this type of error generating

i guess no, i dint change that?

yes i tried it now but still shows the last error which i have sent a screenshot now

and its not only with the Gmail but I tried it with the other accounts like outlook n yahoomail

Thank you so much to you all. actually my antivirus was active so it was showing the error.