Getting Error IMAP mail message

Hi Connections
im getting error can anyone help me to resolve.

Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav

Seems the issue is at the time of authentication.

Maybe this video will help you fix the issue you are having.

Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Who provided you the SSL certificate your computer is using to send mails ? Is it “handmade” ?
I had the same error because it was “handmade”.
To explain briefly the error, when you want to send an email (using outlook, thunderbird or using a 3rd part software like UiPath Studio) the computer has to check if your computer’s certificate has the authority to be able to send a mail.
In your case, the computer was unable to find a proof in your certificate that it is valid, it happens often when the certificate is not provided by a known “listed” company.
So the problem is not with get IMAP activity :wink:

To have the full error of the revocation status, you can open powershell and write the command
here. The data you need to fill the command with are on your certification root that deals with imap/smtp (so in windows write certmgr.msc and look for the certificate your computer uses to send mails).

In my case, I could not change the certificate (admin network decision). So I just put None so the computer does not use the revocation function to check on the validity of the certificate.
You can achieve this by doing this:

Let us know if it does not work for you or if it is unclear !

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Check below thread for your reference

  1. Check you antivirus is blocking in connecting
  2. Check any Firewall is blocking

Hope this may help you


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thank u for all ur suggestion

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