Getting error message. Could not start executor. The wait operation timed out

When trying the run a process via orchestrator, got this message,. Could not start executor. The wait operation timed out. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070102)


Have you tried to google that error code?
It says that the file is corrupted. Try to open the file manually and check if it is working fine

Hi @Edmund.wan

Check if multiple users logged in the machine using task manager and if you see multiple users make sure one logged in user available at a time.

however,i am able to run it manually on the same machine using the robot id.

The machine is only allow 1 user log in at a time, and I did log out the machine before the process run via orchestrator. Theoretically speaking, the orchestrator should able to have a clean start.

Can you try login to the system as admin and check ?

Check service is up, all connected still failed.
Use the IT 101 trick, restarting the VM is now it all working fine.

Thanks for all your help!!!