Getting error in Data Extraction while doing Document understanding

*Please help !! * I am getting the following error “Data Extraction Scope: Method not found: ‘System.String UiPath.SmartData.Utils.DocumentUnderstandingClient.DUApiException.get_CfRay()’.” while using “Form Extractor” activity. I am using this end point : “” and the api key from orchestrator. I have done multiple changes on the templates but nothing seems to work. Also, I tried upgrading and downgrading my packages but had no luck. Please help !

Hi @m.soto

  1. Can you double-check the endpoint and API key to ensure that they are correct and properly configured.
  2. Review the template configurations to make sure that they match the structure and format of the documents you are trying to extract data from. Ensure that the fields in the template are correctly defined and correspond to the data present in the documents.
  3. Try updating all UiPath packages to the latest versions, including the UiPath.FormExtractor package. This may help resolve any compatibility issues or bugs that were present in the previous versions


1.Update your Document Understanding (DU) package to the latest compatible version with your UiPath project and ensure that all dependencies are up to date.

2.You can do this by going to the Manage Packages section in UiPath Studio and selecting the Document Understanding package. Make sure to install the latest version available.

3.If you continue to encounter the issue after updating the package, you may also want to check for any additional issues in your workflow or configuration, such as the API endpoint, API key, and template setup.


Thanks a lot for your feedback, I am a new bee. How can you double check the endpoint?

Thanks for your feedback, I already did and still same outcome :frowning:

I’m also getting this error for form extractor and also the intelligent keyword classifier

“message”: “Data Extraction Scope: Method not found: ‘System.String UiPath.SmartData.Utils.DocumentUnderstandingClient.DUApiException.get_CfRay()’.”,
“level”: “Error”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “19:33:27”,
“fileName”: “Main”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.0”