Getting error in calling Oracle DB stored procedure

Hi, we are getting “ERROR[420000][Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00900:invalid SQL statement” when trying to call stored procedure in Oracle DB.

thanks in advance :innocent:


The error may be with SQL query. First try to run the same stored procedure Query manually in Oracle DB, Check if it is working or not
In Uipath verify the Oracle connection has been established. Provide the SQL Query or its screenshot

The query is nothing but a simple select query, the select query and the corresponding sp are working in the oracle, the error getting when the sp is called in uipath. We also check the connection too, it is also working fine. :thinking:

Same problem here. Running standard SQL queries agains an Oracle database through ODBC works fine. Trying to run a stored procedure fails, no matter what we attempt.

Any working solution, 4 years later?