Execute Query: ERROR [HY000] [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00922: missing or invalid option

Hi ,
i have a query which i could be able to successfully run and get results in oracle.
I am trying to execute the same query in UIpath but it is erroring…

steps followed:
1)connected to ODBC
2)Read text file(query is saved as a text file and called using the activity)
3)Execute query
this is where it is erroring.

Can anyone please help me with this?
Its urgent

do you have configured Machine like in this post:

I have the machine configured as in this link and it started working for me.

After configure machine I set flow:

Connect Oracle SQL:

ConnectionString = "Dsn=" +DBName_string+ ";uid=" +SQL_User_id_string+ ";pwd=" +SQL_pwd_string

ProviderName = "System.Data.Odbc"

Execute Query:

Sql = your_query_string


thanks for the reply .my issue got resolved with a different work around.

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Could you let us know what solution worked to You?