Getting Error- For Each UI Element: Source data was modified, for each operation can not continue

Trying to extract links of exhibitors using For each UI Element activity but got this error,
Need help!!

Hi @Anas_Sharafudeen ,

You are editing the data which you are looping, so it is giving this error. You can copy that data of list of items which you are looping to another variable and edit that. Issue will be resolved.

Hope it helps.


You need to make the selector as dynamic, as this is in the loop
Check the Selector of the element is valid when it is getting loop

Hope this may help you


When i try to make selector more dynamic target changes but i have done validity checks its fine.


How about the following? (7.5 KB)

Note: the above sample is set limitations 10 elements in ForEachUiElement. Please set “Unlimit” if you need to get all links.


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