Getting data from auto generated XML file with weird formatting


I’ve been having a problem with getting data from an XML that is auto generated from a data source. I’ve been able to get data from simpler, less nested XML files, but this one is giving me quite a problem.

What I’m specifically trying to get is the information inside of each the<Details_Collection> tags, so the Details tags are what I’m really aiming for.

unformatted source: problem_xml.xml (4.3 KB)

more readable file: problem_XML_MRead.xml (7.7 KB)

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Similar as below presented we do handle the XML Namespace
XML Extraction - Handling Namespaces (Tableau, Soap, OASIS types) - Help / Community - UiPath Community Forum


so we init the xnsDefault | XNamespace Variable by

And can feed the retrieved Details_Collection elements e.g. to a for each for looping
we do have 4 items

and will use for statement:
item in xDoc.Root.Descendants(xnsDefault + "Details_Collection")

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@ppr The solution worked! thank you for the quick and quality help.

Here’s the how I implemented the solution in studio.

comparison_step.xaml (7.5 KB)

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