Getting data from 1 excel to 2 different ones with DataTables

Hello. I want to get data from the first Excel file, do some operations with the data (connect strings, VLOOKUP), and then put some data into the second file, and other data into the excel third file.

There are over 1000 rows (for now) and 15 columns.

The operations I want to do are

  1. Move data from the first file, columns DEGH to the second file ABCD
  2. Use VLOOKUP in the first excel and insert data to the second excel column E
  3. Connect columns “first name” and “second name” from the first excel and insert the result into the second excel F column.
    and + like 20 more different operations

Currently, I create and use some other excel files as a temporary store of values and then send the data from them to the final excels.

However, I feel there are many redundant read and write operations. It’s too big and the script is doing too many opening, reading, and closing the excel files operations every time I want to do any operation.

I was thinking about creating DataTable inside UiPath, doing all operations inside, and then just sending all data to final Excels. However, I didn’t find activities that can do that.

For example, I can add a column into the DataTable for the VLOOKUP results, however, I can not find any “write range” activity for DataTable.

Is it possible to switch from those Excel operations into DataTable operations? If yes, how? How do I “write range” into DataTable?

Thank you

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Hey @robvesver

From the idea of your queries which I can see above, the best approach I feel is to use data tables.

I hope join activity and defaultview function will help in your case to manipulate the result.

Just type in your activities panel search as datatable you should get all the relevant activities in the search result.

Else Please refer -

Kindly try this. If you are still having issues, please let us know.


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