Getting Authentication error after making a orchestator API call or using get jobs activity

Hi ,
I am getting the below error when i am trying to make a api call to orchestator
using normal http request or by using get jobs activity i am getting the error
I have two tenants in one of the tenant the code is working fine but when i try to run the same code in another tenant i am getting the error
Error code :403
“{"message":"You are not authorized!","errorCode":0,"result":null,"targetUrl":null,"success":false,"error":{"code":0,"message":"You are not authorized!","details":"You are not allowed to perform this operation.","validationErrors":null},"unAuthorizedRequest":true,"__abp":true}”

Check if the external application or your user in the other tenant has the same scopes or permissions as the one that is working.

what all parameters do i need to check ?

Describe all the steps to use the Orchestrator API starting with how you build the External Application and finishing with replicating the error.

sorry i did not getting…can please tell me whole permission are required to perform this action or roles

What is the endpoint that you are using and facing the issues?

“/odata/Jobs?$filter=State eq ‘Pending’”

Check if you have the below permissions in your roles or access_token.


Ok from where did u check this can you share the link

i have checked i have access if try to check the logs manually from jobs pages i am able to do that

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