Getting attachments from a 'MailMessage' List

How will I be able to get email attachments from a 'MailMessage" list without looping?

I have the following setup:

  1. I have a data table which I used to store details from the retrieved emails with attachments. I pass then this data table to another workflow
  2. I pass the ‘MailMessage’ list to same workflow in 1
  3. In the workflow called by 1 & 2, I need to get the attachments for the emails in the ‘MailMessage’ list.

Here’s the snippet where I need to grab the attachments from the list:

In the ‘Save Email Attachments’ activity though I get this error message:


I tried to put the above activity in a ‘Use Desktop Outlook App’ and the error goes away. However in the account, it will use the ‘Default Email Account’. I need the users of the bot to access an email that I was given access to, and something that’s set in the Config file.


Here’s how I loop through the items in the data table and compare it from an item in an orchestrator queue:


For saving attachment using get outlook mail messages we need to use save attachment…not the other one…in that it uses the output of get outlook mail messages and it does not need any scope as well.

Save Email Attachments is used with outlook card as specified …so dont use it in combination with get outlook mail messages activity


Hi @Anil_G the suggestion you have provided work.

Big thanks.

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