Get outlook mail message Issue


In Get Outlook mail message activity I am reading one particular folder in my mail outlook named it has Useraccess (System.Collections.Generic.List(Of System.Netmail.Message)).

Now I am trying to save the attachments of the Get Outlook Message activity (Useraccess) in save attachment activity.

But i am getting error stating System.Collections.Generic.List(Of System.Netmail.Message) cannot be converted System.Netmail.Message.

Any Help or how to proceed the activity


It sounds like you are trying to assign the list of messages to a variable supposed to hold only one message?

It’s hard to see without seeing the specific code in question.



example :

If 5 mails are there in particular folder in outlook box. I am storing it as a list(Default type) named Useraccess and from Useraccess i should stored the attachments using save attachment activity.


Hello Kamesh,

Once you use Get Outlook Message of folder Useraccess. The result variable is a collection of mailmessage.
You need to use colmessage(index eg 0) to get first item of collection or use for each item\message save attachment



Try something like this: getMailProperties_Example.xaml (10.4 KB)

Hope It Helps :slight_smile: