Getting an error while creating ML Skill in an enterprise trial

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I’m not able to create ML Skill. It throws an error: insufficient license on this tenant. But the Subscription expiry is till Feb 20, 2021

I have attached the screenshot :

Why I’m getting this an error?

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Hi @Vrushali_Gave

Could you please show us the Other Services tab of your Licenses, like so?

@loginerror Yes. Here it is

Do you maybe have other MLSkills active and or some training pipelines?

I believe you can check the utilization of your licenses via the AI Fabric Licensing Usage:

I think you should also check whether you have AI Fabric licenses assigned to your tenant via the Admin -> Tenants and then Configure Licenses menu:

@loginerror Here it is

I think in this case you will have to go to the main page of AI Fabric and then see which projects have active pipelines and/or deployed packages:

And then delete some to allow for new ones to be added.

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@loginerror Yes I have used pipelines in project but there is no active pipeline. You can see in the below image

Okay. Could you then check how many MLSkills do you have deployed per project?
It is possible to deploy more than 1 MLSkill per project, and 4 MLSkills in total (2 licenses x 2 MLSkills each give you a maximum of 4 MLSkills).


@loginerror Each project has one an available ML Skill deployed

Okay. Could you please let me know the Support ID of your tenant (you can find it in the Admin panel)?

Our team will have a look if all is fine with your tenant.

@loginerror Yes sure , 4309-1299-2263-4630

Thanks! It would seem that I also need your Orchestrator Tenant URL, in this format:<accountName>/<tenantName>/orchestrator_/?tid=XXXX&fid=XXXX

The simplest is if you just open your Orchestrator instance and copy over the URL from your browser.

@loginerror Yes sure,

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@loginerror Any updates?

We checked the tenant and it looks like you have 4 deployed skills on your tenant:

Restaurant_Reviews_ML_Skill AVAILABLE
LanguageDetection_ML_Skill AVAILABLE
ObjectDetection_MLSkill AVAILABLE

This means that all licenses are taken. You will have to remove some of those skills to add new ones.

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@loginerror Yes Right, Thank you for the support
Is this the same in Enterprise License? or only in enterprise trial? and how many bot we get in enterprise license for AI Fabric ?

As per your own screenshot in this post:

Your Enterprise trial contains 2 AI Robot licenses :slight_smile:

This means that you can have up to 4 MLSkills active at a time.

1 AI Robot = 2 MLSkills OR 1 training pipeline.

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@loginerror Thank you

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