Insufficient Licenses are available on this tenant

We are trying to create a new pipeline but we are facing with this error

Can anyone please help us with this issue

Thanks in advance


I am also facing the same issue.
is there any solution for this?


Facing the same issue, is there any solution for it?

It’s urgent.

Hi @Mamata_Shee

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Have you enabled AI Robot to the tenant you are trying to create the Pipeline Run.


I have deployed 2 ML skill, when I’m trying a deploy a new ML Skill then I’m getting this error.


Please have a look,

About AI Center™ (



Also please check the License Usage, By navigating to AI Center page and clicking on the
image next to Create Project and then on License Usage.



@suraj.setty Ok, An AI Robot can run 2 ML Skills at a time.
But I have 2 AI Robot so it means I can run 4 ML Skills at a time. Right?

Please check on the license usage?

@suraj.setty Here is the licenses usages details:

The thing is I deployed 3 ML Skills and used them 3 ML Skills at a time. But I’m facing this issue today. Why so?

For example - one AI robot can hold 2 ML skill that means that bot can’t be used to run any pipeline or hold any more ML Skill.

The other AI robot can be used to run an pipeline but if one ML Skill is deployed on that bot, even that bot will not be available to run any pipeline.


Is there any option to deploy more than 2 ML Skill or get more AI robot so that I can do the same?


@Mamata_Shee If you are on an Enterprise Trial , UiPath Offers only 2 AI Bots , you need to manage accordingly.