Getting all processes for a folder

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i want to get all the processes in a given folder from the orchastrator API

i have tried to get the via “Odata/Processes” but that returns all the processes for all folders, how can i filter out the ones i dont need?

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Nijas Winum Hansen
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Hi @NijasHansen1

Check below for your reference

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[Orchestrator-Building API Requests] Page
you can visit the page and
you view the various options like
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I wonder if the EnvironmentName property is what contains folder name if you’re in modern folders.

Response body

  "@odata.context": "{OrchestratorURL}/odata/$metadata#Releases",
  "@odata.count": 1,
  "value": [
      "Key": "01b7cf62-98e0-4a69-9a65-be7514643229",
      "ProcessKey": "all_activities",
      "ProcessVersion": "1.0.6666.26728",
      "IsLatestVersion": false,
      "IsProcessDeleted": false,
      "Description": null,
      "Name": "all_activities_DocEnv",
      "EnvironmentId": 7,
      "EnvironmentName": "DocEnv",
"InputArguments": null,
      "Id": 6,
      "Arguments": null
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Hey @postwick

it does not tell me the folder in the environtmentName value :frowning:

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Hey @Srini84

this helped me a little, i found out that you need to put the ID in the HTTP request Header under “X-UiPath-FolderPath”, the problem now is that its telling me the folder does not exist or i dont have access to the folder, im logged in as admin so i should have the right auth for it :slight_smile:

ill keep trying

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Hey @Shiva_Nikhil

this helped me to understand the Odata libriary :slight_smile: so thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks :blush: